03/31/2015 Beyond Graffitti, a Look at an Evolutionary Process, Huffington Post, Written by Rodrigo Ribera D’Ebre 

05/04/15 A+D Museum Presents: Beyond Graffiti 2, Dunn Edwards Paint Blog by Grace Lennon, AIA

04/08/2015 LAAC curated Beyond Graffiti II on Environmental Change, Cartwheel Art Magazine, Posted by

05/11/2013 LAAC is in the video of A+D Museum (Sponsor, Live Performance, and Video Mapping). See more at:  http://aplusd.org/celebrate2013

02/20/2013 LAAC’s Tiffany Trenda scores Art Wynwood 2013’s #1 Most Viewed/Shared/Viraled FB Post! Go TnT!!!  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=432754990142580&set=a.195970623821019.50609.195942553823826&type=1&theater

12/2012 LAAC’s Tiffany Trenda graced the cover of the Miami Herald as the first image of Art Basel 2012. See more at:  http://www.tiffanytrenda.com/Images/press/Miami_Herald_Cover.jpg

12/2012 LAAC’s Trenda was a highlight of 2012’s Art Basel in New American Paintings.  See more at:  http://newamericanpaintings.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/miami-highlights-art-miamicontext-and-untitled/_mg_0388/

12/16/2012 LAAC’s Ulloa stitches together into the intricate portraits in Calamitous Conundrums, a dozen framed mixed-media collages and a series of limited-edition prints on wood veneer. See more at:  http://kolajmagazine.com/content/content/collage-exhibitions/calamitous-conundrums-by-carlos-ulloa-at-bermudez-projects

12/01/2012 LAAC’s Trenda is more to it than pretty lights. There is a forward-looking examination of how the body interacts with technology and where this is ultimately leading. See more at:  http://www.mapanare.us/5/post/2012/12/tiffany-trendas-body-code-examines-technology-the-human-body-presented-by-licht-feld-at-context-2012.html

11/04/2012 Just as part of the fun of meeting new people is figuring out their various parts – their ethnic blend, their influences, their different personalities – part of the fun of LAAC’s Ulloa’s collage portraits is trying to identify the sources for his collages. See more at:  http://artweek.la/page/calendar?trumbaEmbed=view%3Devent&eventid=102440326

11/03/2012 Perhaps it is the latter that keeps the audience coming back for more. A challenge for the eye, a stimulant for the imagination, a timeless quandary… Carlos Ulloa’s artistic anthology takes on a stimuli of its own.  See more at:  http://www.an-mag.com/carlos-ulloa/

09/26/2012 LAAC at Autumn Lights on Gallery Row website.  See more at:  http://galleryrow.tumblr.com/post/32352986721/time-lapse-of-video-art-displays-in-pershing

07/2012 LAAC and Barbara Kruger Collaboration at the 1st Venice Beach Biennale. See more at:

03/14/2012 Los Angeles Artist Collective projected museum images and a live feed of the runway show onto the exterior walls of both the Architecture + Design Museum and the East-facing wall of the Petersen Museum, creating a neighborhood light show. – See more at: http://www.bizbash.com/projections_expand_design_museum_fund-raiser_into_neighborhood_attraction/los-angeles/story/22797#sthash.7cz8lC1u.dpuf

09/2010 “Entering the world of Tiffany Trenda is a journey into a visceral, evocative landscape of flesh, plastic cages, video screens and medical tubing.” Interview in Artillery Magazine for Vol. 5 Issue 1 Page 30 of LAAC’s Tiffany Trenda.  See more at: http://www.tiffanytrenda.com/Images/press/artillery.jpg

08/2009 “Tiffany Trenda performed her spellbinding work at Los Angeles County Museum of Art just a few months back. She has been exhibiting extensively; her career is really taking off! This incredible work will be performed at DigitalArt. LA., August 13-15.” – Rex Bruce of LACDA. http://lacda.com/digitalartnews.html