LAAC Los Angeles Center for Digital Art’s Controversial Work at LACDA 10th Anniversary Exhibition


LACDA Tenth Anniversary Exhibit
March 13-April 6, 2014
Reception March 13, 7-9pm
Artists Include: Eder Cetina, Victor Solomon, Carlos Ulloa, Paul Wehby, and Tiffany Trenda.

LACDA Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
104 East Fourth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
323 646 9427
gallery director and principal curator: Rex Bruce

LAAC will create a site-specific interactive installation with video, graphics, graffiti, and sculpture. It is political and highly controversial that focuses on our government’s control using surveillance technology. Trenda is apart of LAAC and will be showing work from the last ten years that focuses on the female body and media devices. Trenda will perform opening night at 8pm

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Los Angeles Art Collective “I’m Afraid of Americans”

The Los Angeles Art Collective (LAAC)’s installation explores the manipulation and intimidation of the US government using surveillance technology. The public and private lives of the United States citizens are being recorded by the National Security Agency. Our image, personal identity, and information are stored in a system of voyeurism that sees no individuality. Instead, we are considered the enemy, an easy target to manipulate and no one is safe. The impersonal gaze of the camera is our confines, our prison. The government says it is for our “security” but it is nothing more then an idealized state for the 1%. The US is being controlled by the mega-corporations, by the government, for the government, and shall not perish from our daily lives.

The United States citizens are targeted when they exercise the amendment of free speech. We are frightened of expressing our rights because our everyday activities (conversation, texting, emailing, photos, video, etc.) could be used against us. Therefore, the notion of revolt is suffocated by our fears of intimidation. We are not afraid of the enemy but we are becoming afraid of Americans.

The Los Angeles Art Collective (LAAC) is a collective of emerging artists that represent the intricacy and diversity of the Los Angeles culture. Like the freeways that make the terrain of LA, their concepts are driven from their experiences in the urbanization of the city of angels. Together, their distinct voices echo the diversified communities and multifarious architecture. Our mission is to create large-scale collaborations blurring the boundaries of artist, community, space, medium, and identity. From live mural painting to video projection mapping, these contrasting artists have one mutual theme – their relationship to this massive city.

Artists Include: Eder Cetina, Victor Solomon, Carlos Ulloa, Paul Wehby, and Tiffany Trenda.

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